Friday, March 2, 2018

Biblical Health Teacher and Teaching on Nutrition

Biblical Health Coach and Teacher Mansfield, Ohio 44906

Who knows more about food, eating and our bodies than God? Do you think that the God Who created our bodies kept it a secret about what food really is and the proper care of our bodies and the way He intended our health to be? Why do most people just eat what they want and never consult God about it, especially when they know He knows everything?

Why do Christians just copy off the world's way of eating and say that it is fine? Why are Christians just as sick as anyone else? Does the Bible promise Christians good health if they live according to what God says? God states in His Word that His people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge. Are Christians experiencing this destruction in their health? Find out what the Bible says about food, eating and health.

God Almighty The Creator has designed us well and told us how we should live if we would be healthy. What does the Bible Says About Healthy Living? Get a biblical reference on how to live and enjoy a quality life from a personal perspective of good health, diet and lifestyle commitment to God. Study God's Word and follow what the Lord shares about proper health and diet. Learn how to choose the best foods to eat and how to live naturally the way God intended.

Nutrition and health is taught in the Bible and many have trouble seeing these truths but with the help of a qualified teacher you can know. There is a biblical design for personal physical health. The Bible demonstrates that there was common sense behind the eating requirements of the Old Testament and also shows how proper eating helps the body heal itself.

Find out the foods that God created for us to eat. The Bible reveals what Foods God Created for us. We as Christians do not want to alter God’s Design and Don’t Let Any Food or Drink Become our God. God has provided a healthy foundation for all who dare to take the challenge to follow the Bible’s health plan. Search the scriptures and find out What the Bible Says About Healthy Living.

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